Two Vancouver companies list out Oprah’s favorite things

Oprah Winfery likes to wear sexy chemise sleepwear from two local companies at home.

Popular lifestyle experts chose two products – slippers, chemise sleepwear, socks and sleep shirts – from two Vancouver metro lines for Oprah’s favorite list of things 2017.

The 105 list included in Oprah is a pair of Red Plaid slippers socks pudus, which Oprah describes as “comfort”, from children to grandma’s any great gift. Popular slippers can be bought from London’s medicines and some professional retailers.

The Vancouver company was founded in 2015 by pudus behind Dr. Seagal’s compressed socks family. CEO Randi Segal said, “they’re happy pudus” in Vancouver all the way to Oprah root, find it the way.”

Vancouver’s sleep shirt also lets Oprah’s list, its cotton short sleep shirt and long gown, in Oxford blue stripes. This shirt was made from a man’s shirt in nineteenth Century.

Oprah said she would relax at home or wear sexy chemise sleepwear as a cover. She said, “even some people sleep in it.”

The founder of the brand and meaning of Chinese Alexandra Shug, said in a statement that they were “honored” was chosen by Winfrey and her team.

“I’m looking forward to a very busy holiday season, looking forward to 2019 growing brands both at home and abroad,” Isenberg said.

The list of the most popular items appeared in the December issue of O magazine.

sexy chemise sleepwear

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