The 6 underwear mistakes you may make (and how to correct)

Whether you wear it for your partner or under a bulky sweater and pants to the office, sexy chemise sleepwear can make us feel power and sexy. But few people talk about lingerie shopping. “There is a certain degree of self-awareness and the pressure of women feel so close when buying,” Mariela Rovito and Ali Mejia eberjey co-founder, told us. Since most of us are aimlessly looking for something that’s not so bad in the fitting room, we’re likely to have a lot of underwear mistakes in the process. Today, we are close and personal six underwear errors, you may develop and simple ways to solve them.

1. No plans to arrive

Do you really need two little pieces of black paper in your drawer? Probably not. Getting a lingerie store or becoming totally obsessed with an impractical setting is simple, but buying too much is actually a common mistake that makes many women. Fortunately, it’s easy to fix. “Identify your needs before shopping,” Rovito and Mejia recommend. Just like you bought at the grocery store, make a list of everything you want to pick up – you can end up saving hundreds of repetitions. In addition, you must have the points before branch to buy fashionable rims bra, software lace bra and panties, comfortable soft belt, pajamas, Nightgown, sexy chemise sleepwear like a shirt or Teddy is the key, according to Rovito and Mejia.

2. It doesn’t fit

Although you may love the bra you see on the Internet, it’s an opportunity, it can’t supplement your body, okay. Lingerie is supposed to be the best feeling for women, so it’s important to find a way to keep your body in good shape. “One month we suggest to install underwear experts and different periods began to refit, as your body naturally fluctuations,” Rovito and mergia suggestions. Consider not only the size of the belt and cup, but also the shape of your individual.” This process needs to be tried again and again, but we guarantee that it will be worthwhile. If you are still struggling to find a style that suits you, Rovito and Mejia recommend looking at the function, to provide support for them, but still sexy.

3. pay no attention to cloth

Your bra and underwear are basically second layers of skin, so the fabric you choose is one of the most important factors in lingerie shopping. “Not paying enough attention to the content of things can cause discomfort and itching or hate wearing,” Rovito Mejia said. All electronic retailers offer top lingerie brands, and it’s very convenient to buy your sexy chemise sleepwear online. But if this is the first time you’re using a new brand, go to a traditional entity store to feel the fabric, which saves the hassle of returning.

4. Forgot to adjust the shoulder strap

Because you have to adjust the bra you work on, it’s important to do the same thing in the locker room. Otherwise, you’re not sure you’re the best fit for your body. Rovito and Mejia suggest that you adjust your bra with your preferences and wear loose your bra bra hook extends hook. Additional measures, Rovito and Mejia suggest you put the shovel with each one. “Pull your bra belt hook up, and then bend down and gently place your breast tissue in each cup,” Rovito and Mejia explained. “There should not be any overflow or gap at the top or side.”

5. Standing motionless in front of the mirror

Unless you buy a sexy magazine cover, you don’t stand or sit, still in your underwear. You can walk, dance, dance, etc.. So, you try bra, chemise sleepwear and petticoats next time to move. “Don’t just stand in front of the mirror and thought he had found the perfect fit,” Rovito and mergia warning. “Bend down, raise your arm, move around, and make sure your bra acts with you.” This not only ensures that you buy the best size and style, it will also help you feel incredible sexy when you first in the boudoir in it.

6. Throwing underwear in the dryer

If you drop a bra and panty set, or buy your underwear from your nearest department store, hundreds of dollars don’t matter, and your work will have a longer shelf life if you give them some tender love. Think about it: even if some of your tattered T-shirts and pants can be destroyed by washing machines and dryers, why do you put your underwear in laundry? Make sure your chemise sleepwear looks great, and in a few months, the founder of eberjey recommends choosing some sexy chemise sleepwear detergent to wash every piece. No time for your drawers? “If you must wash machine, choose exquisite cycle and washing items separately in the laundry bag with back hook,” said Rovito Mejia. Don’t put your underwear in the dryer.” Trust us, you’ll be glad you take extra steps to take care of your underwear.

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