Penneys wedding series officially here, it looks like a dream

chemise lingerie

Do you need to add those chemise lingerie finishing touches to the big day?

Penneys has your cover, its brand new series of silky bridal lounge, wearing chemise lingerie.

It’s important to look for a suit to prepare for the day, especially if you have a photographer at hand to get ready to walk down the aisle.

chemise lingerie

Celanese launched a series of satin pieces, perfectly dressed in an early morning.

From a gorgeous “bride” shirt and shirt sleeve gown, there are so many choices.

These pajamas are perfect for the night before the big day, and they’re all on honeymoon.

Do you feel like treating yourself (or your husband or wife) to some brand new chemise lingerie?

chemise lingerie

Penneys says, in classic white and a series of styles.

Don’t you feel apart? There are gorgeous lace on the body to choose too.

Whether we’re engaged or not, we may have to take some beautiful pictures.

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