Influential Oprah called himself a chemise lingerie fan from here

Everyone knows that Oprah Winfery’s approval is worth it. This is why we have a super load, that is “talk show queen” (Queen of Talkshows) chose a Canadian company in her chemise lingerie love 2017 list.

chemise lingerie

This year, The chemise lingerie in Montreal and Vancouver is part of a list of famous presenters published in the first 20 years of christmas.

Oprah even said she wanted to be obsessed with the blue model in Oxford, and she was happy to wear white clothes or stay at home.

“One of our editors in the Oxford cotton gown, wearing sandals in the office, really beautiful,” the 63 year old lady said, “I carry back to relax at home. They’ll wear it, and even some people will sleep.

Alexandra Suhner-Isenberg, the designer of chemise lingerie, was pleased with Oprah’s positive opinion.

“She was such an influential figure that no one shared the message without saying, ‘my God’,” the designer told Flare magazine. It’s so big to be recognized by such an important and influential person. ”

The designer created the chemise lingerie according to the lingerie model found in an old men’s fashion shop in London in nineteenth Century. Then, in 2012, she started her own company and made stylish, oversized and Unisex shirts. And because of the trend of lingerie, this brand has gained popularity in recent years.

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