Disco bra slipping under his chemise lingerie

If we don’t show it, we can dress chemise lingerie in the office as if we’re going to the club. Or leave a good day, not a distant impression.

It’s all about details, routes, meetings. This bra, for example, is a lingerie that is popular again in the streets this summer.

And not just in the following version. Have a coat of micro wear, a man’s jacket, high waisted jeans or pants, it spawned a new silhouette.

This silhouette, we don’t want to see her die of cold. A new chemise lingerie brand, Livy, under the impulse of her in the process, even if the temperature drops.

Thanks to a suggestion, the code of some lingerie industry has been shaken. Bold lines, tension, movement, sensual, disturbing, ultra modern.

Innovative, sometimes provocative appearances, miracles, or even hidden beneath sweaters.

chemise lingerie

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