Chemise lingerie: the United Nations temporary is big ‘Ouvert, Caen

Laurine Hélaine, 21 years old, opened a place in Saint SAUVEUR, women’s chemise lingerie in Caen, in the short period of the store location

It’s no longer a flash shop.

chemise lingerie

At the booth, there are three brands. The busiest is English airs (from 82 at all), the breast, with CL O (the 71 declination) youth more rich and colorful, more fantasy”.

From 85 to 120 grams of a series of sports women, with or without silicon wrapped racks, racing back, shoulder pads, B J cups, from 59 euros, and swimwear series, hats and G, from 85 euros. French brand pomm’poire completes from 85A to 105d range (from 40 euros all) through the coordination of pajamas (nightgown, nightdress, pajamas).

A woman’s chemise lingerie also sells 100% cotton brand name companies in France, with the company “young women sensitive natural fiber”. There is no 85A to 95C armature flag.

In accessories (scarves, key rings, bracelets…) We found, hand sewing bag designer caen.

Laurine Hélaine started her business immediately accept the Dual Management Assistant Diploma in Caen after.

My mother helped me 22 meters – store in administrative procedure and my father built, pink and gray paint.

In addition to his business parents, judo can also give him insurance.” I practiced for the same teacher for 16 years at the IFS judo club. Black Belt second Dan, she’s the oldest in the club.

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