Avoid daddy’s moments and chemise lingerie gifts that won’t make her wince

Ah, the clumsy man’s shopping cliche in the chemise lingerie store. While doing an interesting episode of father Ted, don’t let things get close and prevent you from purchasing your underwear. Online shopping clearly eliminates panic in the underwear sector, but in order to get lingerie shopping sites, you need to think more like a woman. Bad underwear can make people feel uncomfortable, and it’s not good for adjective sexy, and it’s more vulgar. Forget the red lace and satin, the bra or the novelty collection, but choose the beautiful, lightweight and enjoy the quality. Underwear drawer is a woman’s closest dressing choice guard, so buying chemise lingerie is essentially a very personal gift. Be sure to remember her personal preferences so that she can recognize what you think of her, not yourself.

Don’t worry about complexity; the importance of comfort and sophistication when talking about lingerie is not to be underestimated. The corset is a wow factor, but it’s pretty annoying, sexy, cumbersome, and thong.

A large amount of lace

Bikini and Tanga shorts are more satisfying. Most women like beautiful women, any overt Sexy – lots of lace, gorgeous silk, tulle and pastel colors, all right boxes of ticks. So, it’s important to think about your girlfriend’s aesthetic preferences. Look at chemise lingerie brands like Taylor, the Heidi Klum and Eyre Mcpherson underwear.

Pay attention to her personal style. Don’t wander too far from the point. Does she like light or bright colors? Try Mimi holiday or Calvin?. Is her bra beautiful lace, or does she prefer modern femininity, with graphic lace and funny photos? Try Stella Macartney or love story.

If she’s a minimalist, when it comes to her style and chemise lingerie, then she goes to Swedish retailer COS or other stories, chic sets with a satisfactory price point. Remember, no woman likes synthetic, cheap, husky underwear, but you don’t have to spend a lot of quality – looking for Rosie Huntington Whitley at Marks & Spencer, Ted Baker and bluebella at ASOS. The real luxury factor, put it in a beautiful box.

Large size

And high street may hit Mark, talking about prices, beautiful, sexy, cute bras in the large size can find a bit of deception. If your girlfriend belongs to this kind of brand, such as fantasy, Simone Perele and FLYA, as well as representatives of Fuller depression. Defining her size is the key to successful lingerie buying. No one wants to put Bridget, Jones underwear, realistic big pair.

The wrong size is a serious underwear purchase violation, and if a private person, the lady will accept it. Debenhams in a survey, found that the underwear is too small to buy a set of chemise lingerie topped the table, were considered too arbitrary e, second is coming to an end. If you don’t know her size, ask her, or check the labels on her often worn underwear.

Don’t panic if you can’t get in. If you don’t know the right size and consider casual chemise lingerie, it’s really just a fancy Pajama dream. Think silk kimono, perceptual single or a chic shirt, it will call the charm and luxury feeling. According to Soozie Jenikinson, in the head of Marks & Spencer’s underwear design: “elegant PJ dressing and catwalk support this luxury trend has made a fashion Renaissance.” Tight Satin PJ elegant luxury, will make a beautiful gift.”

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