7 bride gift gift ideas, will not return

For a long period of time, Adam and I avoid creating a physical gift registry. We have been living together for four years, accumulated a lot of typical “home”. Most importantly, we bought a house for the first four months of the wedding, and we had to buy most of the necessities immediately, because we couldn’t wait for sheets, blankets, things like that.

I soon learned that friends and family want to give you a material gift. Although we only need cash to supplement our savings account, I decided to create a practical gift registration center. I don’t want people to guess what we need or want, and finally list a to-do list, so I’m looking for something useful on the Internet, and something that I think is interesting.

Whether you’re buying a gift for your bride or you want to know how to put a bride at your bridal shower, it’s unlikely that the idea of these gifts will be returned. Of course, I strongly recommend that you include a gift receipt to prevent your trademark or recipient from needing to exchange different sizes.

1. Lingerie

chemise lingerie is a classic bride shower gift, but it may be a bit tricky to buy another one. Especially if you don’t know if the gift will be opened before the party, you can use some classic but sexy chemise lingerie to make sure it’s safe. Dolls and shirts are the perfect choice, because they are frivolous and nonexistent, and provide more conservative brides with a little cover. I love this 3wishes lace shirt, it has a single buckle neck so you don’t have to worry about feeling. It is simple, complex, the perfect wedding night!

2. Clear mixing bowl

I know I have to register the bowls right away. This is one of my mother from her wedding gift registry 30 years ago! There are different sizes of mixing bowls that can help you prepare food, but I also use them to entertain guests, French fries, sauces or salads.

3. Bridal dress

This is one of the things I really want, but I don’t want to buy my own shower gift – perfect! The bride’s dress is a lovely day for clothing to accessories. You can take it to the single party if you have hot spring activity plan. It makes great photos, let the bride feel more special. This gown has a holographic script from the back of the 3wishes, and matches with a satin shirt and a cotton underwear hanger!

4. Hand mixer

Another tool that makes life easier, and the handheld mixer I’ve received has improved my baking game. I have the classic KitchenAid mixer super power (pink, of course), it makes homemade cookies, cakes, bread and other mixed ingredients breeze. I used to hate baking preparations, because I knew that I used my fragile blender for serious arm exercises. Now, I’m looking forward to it!

5. Food processing / Blender

I missed so many great recipes, because I didn’t have the food processor or some of the powerful mixers. A good food processor is indispensable kitchen, can make everything from guacamole, rich sauce, homemade ice cream! I received the shower is 10 cups of Han Meritor food processor, this is the perfect size, enable high volume, but it is easy to store.

6. Lock food storage

Another very practical gift, each family needs, food storage, you can trust is essential. I’m obsessed with these Popit boxes, microwave ovens, refrigerators, and dishwasher safety, making life easier. They are completely anti overflow, which means that I can even use them to make soup and sauces, which stack each other and make storage easy.

7. Extra table

As I said, we moved into the new house to buy Bedding, so that we can go to bed. However, for their own bed or beds provide additional sheets is always a good idea. All of our sheets are light gray, can be any color collocation quilt or room. I really love fine fiber tablets, soft, easy to wrinkle.

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